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«Bridges and Tunnels»

Head: Galina V. Desyatih, PhD in Engineering, associate professor 
Tel/Fax: (+7 343) 221-24-33 

Students are trained in one discipline

Discipline: 270201 "Bridges and Transport Tunnels" 
Specialization: "Bridges"
Qualification: railway engineer
Form of studies: full-time 
Duration of studies: 5 years 

Discipline: 271501 "Bridges and Transport Tunnels"
Specialization: "Bridges" 
Qualification: railway engineer 
Form of studies: full-time 
Duration of studies: 5 years 

Courses of the Department

  • "Engineering Geodetics"
  • "Geodetics in Construction."
  • "Hydraulics"
  • "Engineering Hydrology"
  • "Construction and Operation of Bridges, Tunnels and Pipes"
  • "Water Supply and Sanitation"
  • "Information Technology in the Design, Construction and Operation of Facilities"
  • "Hydraulics and Hydraulic Drive"
  • "History and Development of Bridge and Tunnel Construction"
  • "Bridge Design"
  • "Tunnels"
  • "Construction Operations and Construction Machinery in Bridge and Tunnel Construction."
  • "Surveying and Design of Bridge and Tunnel Crossings."
  • "Architecture of Transport Facilities."
  • "Economy of Construction of Bridges and Tunnels."
  • "Construction of Bridges."
  • "Load Capacity of Bridges."
  • "Bridge Testing."
  • "Maintenance of Bridges and Tunnels."
  • "Simulation of Load-bearing Elements of Transportation Structures."
  • "Dynamics and Stability of Man-made Structures."
  • "Organization, Planning and Management in the Bridge and Tunnel Construction."