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«Human Resource Management and Sociology»

Head: Nina I. Shatalova DSc in Sociology, Professor
Tel/Fax: (+7 343) 221-24-09

Students are trained in the following disciplines:

Discipline: 080505 "Human Resource Management"
Specialization: "HR consulting and audit"
Qualification: manager
Form of studies: full-time, extramural
Duration of studies: 5, 6 years

Courses of the Department

  • "HR management"
  • "Sociology"
  • "Basics of valeology"
  • "Labor law".
  • "Mathematical methods of optimization of management decisions."
  • "Basics of management".
  • "Basics of HR management"
  • "Organization theory".
  • "Basics of organization of public relations".
  • "Organizational behaviour".
  • "Sociology and psychology of management."
  • "Introduction to the Discipline".
  • "Human physiology."
  • "Fundamentals of engineering psychology and professional selection."
  • "Occupational Health."
  • "Management consulting".
  • "Demographics".
  • "Psychophysiology of professional activities."
  • "Basics of occupational health."
  • "Conflict resolution studies"
  • "Human resources management."
  • "Image studies"
  • "Economic psychology."
  • "Law".
  • "Sociology and political science."
  • "Business ethics."
  • "Documentation management in HR Chair".
  • "Managing social development of organization."
  • "Methods and techniques of sociological research."
  • "Labor motivation."
  • "Organizational culture."
  • "Practical professional diagnosis."
  • "HR Marketing."
  • "Innovative management."