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«Railway Cars»

Head: Konstantin M. Kolyasov, PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor
Tel/Fax: (+7 343) 221-24-28

Students are trained in one discipline:

Discipline: 190302 "Railway Cars"
Specialization: "Car Repair Facilities"
Specialization: "Passenger cars"
Specialization: "Industrial Transport"
Qualification: railway engineer

Railway Cars is a multi-field discipline. Specialist trained in this discipline is a highly qualified designer and engineer, mechanic, electrician, and production manager. Our graduates work in transport (rail, road, aviation), at industrial enterprises, academic institutions and other organizations.

Courses of the Department

  • "Design and Calculation of Railway Cars."
  • "Railway Car Fleet."
  • "Loading and Dynamics of Cars."
  • "Design of Railway Car Shops and Car Repair Facilities."
  • "Structural Mechanics of Railway Cars."
  • "Mathematical Models of Cars and Processes."
  • "Equipment of Car Repair Facilities."
  • "Computer Technologies for Calculation of Cars and Systems."
  • "Passenger Cars: Maintenance and Repair."
  • "Theoretical Fundamentals of Maintenance and Repair of Cars."
  • "Rolling Stock."
  • "Reliability of Cars."
  • "Power Equipment of Cars and Car-repair Plants and its Repair."
  • "Fundamentals of Technical Diagnostics of Cars."
  • "Refrigeration Equipment and Air Conditioning of Cars and Enterprises."
  • "Technology of Production and Repair of Cars."
  • "Industrial Transport."
  • "History of the Development and Interaction of Transportation Facilities."
  • "Computer Processing of Information."
  • "Industrial Automation Systems for Car Production and Repair."
  • "Non-tractive Rolling Stock" for the discipline "Organization of Transportation and Transport Management."
  • "Automated Workstations and Expert Systems of Car Repair Facilities."