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Journal policy

The journal "Transport of the Urals" is the periodical of the Ural State University of Railway Transport, where articles of the scientists from all the regions of Russia are published. We are planning to increase the number of authors, in the first place, from Europe. This will help to enhance the level of scientific research and quality of young scientists' training.

In scientific-technical journal "Transport of the Urals" there are published fundamental and applied researches results, experimental developments in transport field, machine building, management, computer engineering and computer science, economics, philosophy and other fields investigated by university scientists, foreign scientists, institute scientists and also research materials.

Stated journal research area doesn't restrict the authors in theme choice. In case of interesting, actual material the theme can be developed.

Papers sent for publication can be of different kinds: starting from theoretical issues statement, new research directions development end with analysis and specific researches.

The journal distinctive features are its information openness (the electronic versions of "Transport of the Urals", which are identical to their print versions, can be found on the Internet: http://www.usurt.ru/transporturala/ and the full-text version of the journal one can find in the Russian Index of Scientific Citing (RISC) on the following Internet address: http://elibrary.ru and strict publication frequency.

The web-site of the journal: http://www.usurt.ru/transporturala/ is presented both in Russian and English languages.

Such information as data about authors, the title of the article, abstract is subject to translation into English. The references for each article should be written in Roman script (transliterated).

In order to conduct the expertise of manuscripts in the journal "Transport of the Urals" there is an obligatory three-stage review.

The first level - editor-in-chief and science editor peer review;

The second level - open peer review (the author and reviewer know each other) - the review is submitted to the Editorial Board by the author;

The third level - single-blind review (the reviewer knows about the author, the author doesn't).

For more detailed information please visit section "About Review Process".

Since 2011 some articles in the journal will be published in English. Since 2012 year all the journal articles will be translated into English. Russian print version and English version will be available on the website.

We are sure that by means of "Transport of the Urals" we will manage to broaden the audience of research papers of scientists both from Russia and other countries, which will contribute to the development of world science.