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About review process

of scientific articles review in the journal «Transport of the Urals»

1. Scientific articles received by Editorial Board of the journal «Transport of the Urals» have to be reviewed.

In the journal «Transport of the Urals» there is a four-level system of articles review:

1st level – editor-in-chief and science editor review;

2nd level – open peer review (the author and reviewer know each other) – the review is submitted to the Editorial Board by the author;

3rd level – single-blind review (the reviewer knows about the author, the author doesn’t).

2. An article is accepted only if it corresponds to the requirements of authors’ original articles (papers) located on the journal site http://www.usurt.ru/transporturala/.

3. Papers are sent to the editorial office as typed documents (in folders) and on electronic carrier or by e-mail EPupova@usurt.ru:

  • information about the author (authors) (appendix 1);
  • one carefully checked and signed by the author (authors) variant of an article (appendix 2);
  • UDC, surname, title of an article, annotation, key words – all in Russian and English languages (appendix 3);
  • license contract (appendix 4);

Article text should be open.

4. An article is registered in the logbook with the indication of delivery date, title, author’s (authors) surname, place of work.

5. A reviewer must consider this article during two weeks from delivery date and send to editorial office (by e-mail and by post) consent to reviewing or motivated refusal.

Editorial Board recommends to use standard form while reviewing (appendix 5).

A reviewer can recommend an article for publication, recommend for publication after updating with the regard to remarks, and not recommend an article for publication. If a reviewer recommends an article for publication after updating with the regard to remarks or not recommend an article for publication – there should be indicated reasons for such decision in a review.

6. Editorial Board while estimating the reviews pays attention to scientific relevance of research problem in the text. A review should characterize theoretical and applied research relevance, correlate author’s conclusions with the existing scientific conceptions. An essential element of a review is reviewer’s estimation of author’s personal contribution to research problem solution. It is necessary to mention in a review correspondence of style, logic and accessibility of scientific text, and also draw the conclusions about results authenticity and validity.

7. After reviews receipt there are considered received articles and is made the final decision on the base of reviews estimation about article publication or article publication rejection.

On the base of made decision an author (authors) receives by e-mail or by post a letter in which there is given general estimation of an article and taken decision.  In case of publication rejection reviewers are left anonymous.

8. Editorial Board can send articles to additional external reviewing. Editor-in-chief sends to a reviewer a letter with the request for reviewing. Article and recommended form of a review are attached to a letter.

9. Positive reviews are not the sufficient reasons for article publication. Final decision about publication is taken by editorial board.

10. Reviews’ originals are kept in the editorial office of «Transport of  the Urals».

11. If there is a sufficient number of reviewer’s critical remarks in an article but there are general positive recommendations then Editorial Board can classify an article as polemic one and print it as scientific discussion.